Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong

This song is an emotional one because it speaks to how God stretches us and takes us places where we feel out of our element or just plain scared, but he is still there. The song explains itself and is up lifting.  

Take the First Step

I watched these men’s stories of weight loss, overcoming pain, discouragement and it left me in awe and tears. The first step to accomplishing anything in life is to take the first step. You can think it, talk about it, dream it, write it, but until you take the first step it means nothing. Whatever…

You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

With 2019 upon us I want to remind my fellow Christians that whatever is bothering you, hindering you, creating stress and havoc you will overcome. You will win against every attack by the enemy. Your victory has already been guaranteed by God and is coming. This song works as a wonderful reminder: It’s your winning season!

IT IS WELL! — The Godly Chic Diaries

Let today be the day you stand on rooftops of your worries and know that by grace, through faith, there is freedom to be fearless, even though tomorrow is unknown… “Should I quit” Maybe you’ve been feeling like you can’t do it all or there’s something that feels impossible to fix or accomplish in your […]…