Prayer Against The Spirit of Rejection- Dephne Madyara

Everyone at some point has been rejected, but how we handle it makes the difference. Some of us wallow in the rejection, while others keep it moving. As a person that has some issues with rejection I can relate with those that wallow. But rejection is a part of life that builds and grow us. Through rejection people find their purpose, their way, or their creativity. Rejection in itself holds a negative connotation, but its not bad. The feelings that come with it: not being enough, worthless, and less than, are. Dephne Madyara tackles these areas and more; check out her video below.


Do Not Despise Small Beginnings- Dephne Madyara

When you look through the Bible you realize that many of the people God called to serve his Kingdom started from small beginnings. David who God knew from the beginning of time would be King of Israel tended to sheep. Joseph who had dreams about his brothers bowing before him was sold into slavery by those same brothers. Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the son of God was born in a manger. We are called and anointed, however we start from small beginnings because there are things we must go through in order to reach our calling. But one thing about God is that what he says always comes through whether it takes 24 hours, 24 days, 24 years or so on, it will still come to pass.

As always Dephne Madyara breaks this message down so wonderfully. I hope you can learn what I learned. Do Not Despite Small Beginnings!


The Journey

Apologies for the long time between posts, life has been an interesting rollercoaster, but I am glad I could take time out to make a post. God is good, Amen!

Right now, two months and 16 days into 2017, I feel like I am on a journey, a similar journey to the 40 days and 40 nights the Israelites went through. This journey in more ways than one is trying, but has its rewarding moments. I feel like I fail more than I pass the assignments given to me. When I fail an assignment I beat myself up about it rather than look at it as a learning opportunity.

In a journey, God reveals ourselves to us, not just the good parts that we brag about, but the parts that we want to hide, cover, deny, or ignore. In Exodus 12-16 we see that the Israelites fresh out of Egypt have not let go of Egypt. You can take the people out of Egypt, but you can’t take the Egypt out of the people. They continue to carry their slave mentality with them on the journey to the Promise Land. What was supposed to be an 11-day journey became 40 years. In those 40 years, many generations perished never seeing the Promised Land. Had the trip taken 11 days those very same people would have brought their slave mentality  to a free land and who knows what would have happened.

As hard as it is to admit in my personal life, I understand why God did what he did for them and me. The journey I am on is to prepare me for the Promised Land and while I want it yesterday, I am not ready.

I have not been freed from my baggage yet and if I were to bring them into the Promised Land God has created for me, I would be not only be physically there but mentally in bondage, I would not realize the blessing or importance of it.

So for those also on a journey, understand it is full of ups and downs; some days you are right on the money and other days you have completely missed the mark, but its okay. It’s okay because those moments continue to reveal areas we need to work on, bring to light, acknowledge and bring to God’s feet.

I type this as a reminder to myself, in this moment, of feeling like I completely missed my mark. Tomorrow will come, will be better and another day to get it right. Have a blessed week.



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Self Mirror

 Photo Source: themindmuscleconnection

Mirrors are powerful because they can show you a lot about yourself. Yet, no mirror is more powerful than God. Recently God has been showing me flaws that I have, flaws that I am certain he wants me to work on. How do I know this? Because God is the biggest supporter of the No Child Left Behind Program. Unlike George Bush’s version that allows you to be advanced to the next stage of life ill prepared; God will have you repeat that lesson over and over until you get it. The hardest thing about these flaws is accepting them and looking at them as flaws. However, I know they are and I know that wherever God wants to take me, he needs to stretch me before I get there. In the Bible, there are many mentions of the process of making gold usable. Gold goes through the fire and is refined until all the useless parts are removed and what is left is useful.

This process is just like our journey in life. We have parts of us that needs to be stretched and removed before we can become useful to God, become the person he is calling us to be. While its hard to not look at this process like “ugh,” I know it is necessary and I need God to help refine me. The Book I am reading called “The Purpose Drive Life” By Rick Warren talked about the benefits of interacting with imperfect Christians and people and I agree with him; through interactions with people you learn so much about yourself. I will share some of what I have learned about myself: I am so not as patient as I thought I was, I can be very self-centered, its my way or the highway, I feed off the energy people bring to me, you can imagine how that can turn into a negative; I do not like disrespect at all, I do not like to be dismissed, cannot take criticism well, and I have a temper like no other.

There are plenty more, but I will stick with these. These flaws show me where I am most immature or weak at. Where I lack emotional maturity and self control of my flesh. I was down these last few days since I realized these parts of myself. However listening to the three sermons I will post below has opened my mind. God reveals our weak areas in order to help us grow. If we feel we are perfect angels or don’t address those parts of ourselves, we cannot be the Christians he has called us to be. The Bible is full of imperfect people with flaws: Saul, first King of Israel, had low self-esteem, Moses had anger problems, Peter had a cursing problem, Paul used to kill Christians, and so on. However, some of them did not just accept their flaws they knew they needed God’s help and direction.

So my advice? God will very much reveal your flaws to you, but you must be willing to change. Will change happen over night? NOPE! However, change will happen. Will it be easy? I am still in my feelings, so there’s your answer lol. Are you alone? No! God is available 24/7 and will hear you out. Even when you mess up, he is still there and will check up on you.

I want to encourage myself, as well as you guys, while I may not know where this will lead me and I am sure I am going to have more discouraging moments, I am ready for God to refine me. As I said before God uses plenty of people with flaws and they are willing to be used, but we all need to change in ways to become the movers and shakers God’s Kingdom needs. (Bonus)